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Thursday, June 26, 2014

first pool day

I’ve been a little sad as I’ve started to see all these great pool pictures from friends taking their little ones swimming.  I didn’t get a pass this year as I knew taking 3 kids to the pool by myself wasn’t going to happen.  But this morning, my friend Lori asked if we wanted to meet at Sholem.  Her girl, Avery, is a fabulous babysitter-in-training.  She held Miles for a good majority of the morning and had no problem missing out on the swimming fun.    Picture 1766-002Owen and Ellie acted like they hadn’t missed a beat with swimming and were both braver than I had anticipated them to be.  They blew bubbles in that water and both went down the slide. Picture 1775-002Picture 1768-001 I definitely could not have done it by myself.  Ellie refused to get out while I nursed Miles, so Lori played with her.  And taking Owen to the bathroom was much easier without having to drag the other two along.  And the best part – the long afternoon naps had by all.  Even Owen who hasn’t taken a nap in quite a while!Picture 1769-001Thanks ladies (and Ryder).  We can’t wait to go again!    Picture 1764-001blog-signature-1

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