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Monday, June 16, 2014


Tonight was Owen's first venture into the world of organized sports - t-ball!  Athleticism is not something that really runs in the Hoerr family, so I had set the bar pretty low. :)  We’re just doing it through the Savoy Rec Center, so I didn’t anticipate as big of a crowd as there was.  There were about 40ish kids in all.  Despite the large number and the fact that many had no idea what was going on, Lexi and her helpers did a nice job keeping the chaos pretty organized.  They started by running around the bases 2 (1)-001 photo 3-002 Then they did a little throwing practice:
Then, every child got a turn to bat.  Out of all the kids, one decided he didn’t want to even try to step up to bat.  Want to guess which child that was? :)  Oh well maybe next week!  And maybe next week I'll be a more prepared t-ball mom and bring a blanket or something to sit on.

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