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Friday, June 13, 2014

Owen’s 4th birthday!

Owen’s  birthday celebration began early on Saturday.  We’ve been talking a lot about what kind of bike he wanted.  So we headed to Toys R Us to try some out.  He immediately gravitated towards this orange bike, even though he’s been saying from the get to that he wanted a blue bike.  He hopped on it at the store and rode like a pro.  After trying a few others ones out, he still said this was the one he wanted.  So it came home with us, along with a hot wheels helmet!Picture 1812We struggled to get him back inside after riding.Picture 1814

On Tuesday (his real birthday), he woke up to this: Picture 1840Picture 1855  He of course wanted to open his presents immediately.Picture 1841 Picture 1845 We had birthday donuts for a special treat.Picture 1853Picture 1854Elmer and Jackie (William’s parents) arrived later in the day and he got to open even more presents!
Picture 1859Picture 1861 Owen wanted to help decorate his own cake.  So not Pinteresty but fun to do it together.Picture 1865Picture 1869
For the last part of his birthday celebrations, he got treated to a movie with his best buddy, Sam.  Carrie and Rob (and baby Jack) came to pick him up Saturday morning and they all went to see How to Train Your Dragon 2.  He had an absolute blast. Picture 1707 Picture 1710
Picture 1713All in all, it was a super fun week of celebrating him!  Definitely not a birthday party complete with animals, but we’ll go big again next year when I haven’t just had a baby. :)

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