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Friday, June 27, 2014

Miles {1 month}

IMG_2393-2This kid is one month old (ok, 6 weeks upon this posting but who’s really counting besides me).  I was wanting an “official” weight before posting and got it this morning.  We don’t have his official appointment until next week, but Miles is a part of a U of I study called Illinois Strong Kids and he had his 6 week visit today where they weigh him. (side note – if you’re having a baby soon here in C/U you should sign up for this study!  Every visit they do comes with gift card!)

He’s 12 lbs, 4 oz!  Holy cow, no wonder he’s in size 2 diapers and in 6 month clothing.  I had to exchange several packs of diapers that were too small.  I’ll admit I was a bit sad packing away his untouched 0-3 clothes as I didn’t get to cuddle a small newborn for very long.  But I’m so thankful he’s healthy and a great eater!Picture 1733Eating: He’s a great nurser and is getting on a good eat, play, sleep pattern.  He takes a bit longer to eat than my first two did and definitely has to eat from both sides.  He is an awesome burper when he’s done.  Thankfully, his little body is dealing just fine with the copious amounts of caffeine I’ve been drinking. :)IMG_2376-2Sleeping:  Knock on wood, he seems to be a better sleeper than my first two.  But he HAS to be swaddled.  If he so much gets a fingertip out of the swaddle, all bets are off and he’s screaming.  We even use the swaddle blankets in the car seat to make those rides more enjoyable for all of us.  Having firm pressure also is the best way to calm him as opposed to bouncing or rocking.  Day naps are falling into a 5 nap “routine” and his bedtime is slowly moving up.  He usually goes down between 8-9 and sleeps until about 1 (twice he made it until 2:30!).  But from them until the morning, he’s usually awake every hour or two.  Because Owen and Ellie still get up in the night (ugh) William is in change of those two and I focus on Miles.Picture 1819Picture 1782-001Random info:  He has an adorable dimple on his left cheek (just like his sister).  His first 3 weeks, he HATED diaper changes but I think that’s starting to get better.  He loves his pacifier.  His eyes are blue/gray and definitely lighter than the other kid’s.  Still not sure if they’ll go brown like there’s though or stay in the blue family like mine.
Picture 1805How we’re all doing: Well, in general I’d say really well.  I think I was a bit worried about the transition to 3 from everyone who keeps saying “you’ll be outnumbered.”  “You’re going from man-to-man defense to zone defense, etc.”  But so far, it’s felt pretty doable!  Yes, you just need to plan an extra 45 minutes or so to get out the door.  That means packing up the extra stuff and fitting in a feeding.  But I’ve gotten out by myself quite a bit with all 3.  Just not grocery shopping.  That’s happening in the evenings now with just Miles in the Ergo carrier.  For me 1 to 2 kids was harder than 2 to 3.  I also like that Owen and Ellie can play (and fight) together while I’m occupied nursing.

Bed time is hard.  With 2 older kids that have a hard time going to sleep and staying asleep, William and I both dread this time. 

Owen loves him and gives him kisses, but isn’t too interested in holding him.  Ellie loves giving him a pacifier, but whoa is she needy!  I kind of figured she’d be the hard one and that’s proven true.  She’s whinier and needs to be held all the time!

Oh one other thing.  I felt like my bonding took a little more time with Ellison than it did with Owen.  Maybe it was just learning how to give 2 kids what they need.  But with Miles it was instant.  Maybe it was watching him being wheeled away to the NICU without me.  But wow if I didn’t fall instantly and completely in love with this little guy.IMG_2342-2So in general, I love it.  I love that while before, William and I each could have a “kid.”  But now we’re a whole team.  And yes, everyone asks if we’re done.  And I don’t have an answer on that quite yet.  But I will say that if I had to answer today, I want 4 and William’s fine with 3.

We love you Miles Grayson Pool!

Some more pictures from our 1 month shoot:IMG_2400-2 IMG_2371-2IMG_2335-2    blog-signature-1

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