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Monday, June 30, 2014

Owen is 4!

IMG_2198This little guy is 4!  So hard to believe. 

I have no stats for ya as his doctor had to cancel the appointment and we don’t go for another week or so.IMG_21753 was a hard year for this guy.  But I’m already starting to see hope in the age of 4.  He’s been so helpful and sweet lately with his little brother.  I’m hoping for an awesome year.IMG_2191I love watching his imagination.  He loves to make up stories and is very into telling me about his super hero powers right now.Picture 1780 He is an individual that’s for sure.  Here are his toes painted in a pattern of his choosing after seeing Ellie and I do our nails.Picture 1705 He’s quiet (in public), inquisitive, and a deep feeler.  He still doesn’t sleep through the night, although is becoming less of a picky eater.Picture 1725 He loves to draw and reading books is always a favorite thing to do.  So looking forward to our school time starting again this fall and watching him learn!Picture 1779Happy 4 years to my firstborn!


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