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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Happy 10 Months!

Happy "double digits" to my little man! This post was daunting to me for some reason because there is SO much that’s happening these days with Owen that I’m sure I’ll miss something as I’m writing this. We didn't have a doctor's appointment this month, but I'm guessing we're closing in on 23 pounds.  I'll have to pull out the bathroom scale and check!

The Fun Things
Favorite month so far.  What?  I say that every month?  Well, it's true.  We still have no teeth (my boobs are thankful) and no forward movement. But check out his awesome rocking, pushing up on his toes, and rolling.  I don't think it will be long before we have a crawler on our hands.

He also LOVES to stand up. He’ll hold your hands or stand by the couch for as long as you’ll let him.  When I say “How big is Owen?”  he’ll raise his hands up in the air and wait for me to say “so big."  And he gives me huge open mouth kisses and tries to blow and make a noise.  He won’t however do this for William.  Maybe it’s the stubble on his face?  One of his newest noises is clicking his tongue:

The Hard Things
He has started throwing little fits.  The first time this happened, I took a remote away from him and he arched his back, screamed, and started kicking his legs.  William and I just cracked up.  Wow, this whole asserting themselves starts young doesn’t it?  He also HATES getting his nails clipped.  I mean, scream like someone is killing him hate it.  Anyone got any good ideas for this?  And no, I will not do it when he’s asleep.  And chance waking that kid up?  Not a chance.

First off, have you seen this amazing blog?!  I cannot wait to try out some of the awesome recipes.  I feel like I’m such a rut with baby food and I know I could be making Owen a more adventurous eater if I tried. Thankfully, he’ll try most anything.  We’re doing mostly baby food still, but giving him “real” food at every meal.  His pincher grasp is pretty good if I don’t say so myself and just this week has mastered opening the grasp to actually let the food stay in his mouth when his fingers leave.  I will say that despite the healthy options he gets like green beans, black beans, tons of fresh fruit, my kids loves mac and cheese.  That’s right folks, I made some for my easy dinner the other night and gave him a few bites and he was hooked.  Well, I guess I should say that anything cheese related, he loves.  Especially the Kraft cheese slices um not really what these those things are.  So much for that whole no processed foods things.  Oh wait, I never said that.  He’s still an awesome nurser and I’m still loving it as well. 
yeah, my mom tries to give me little pieces of this stuff.  but i eventually win and get the whole piece.
i like finger painting with my yogurt
I’m hoping and praying that he gets more mobile, maybe he’ll wear himself out a little bit and start sleeping more?  I’ve seen a slight increase in naptimes as of the last couple weeks.  He was doing 4, 30 minute naps a day around 9, 11, 1, and 3 or 4.  But a couple of these naps have been going 45 min-1 hour (hallelujah) so we’ve been doing 3 naps a day this past week.  Night sleep has made no good progress.  He’s in bed by 7/7:30 and is still averaging about 6-8 wakes a night. 

Odds and Ends
Owen is just such a delightful kid.  He's smiling a ton more for people in public!  So now people are actually believing me when I say he's so happy!  He loves being out and about and is pretty much in love with the park.  He knows the words park and swing already and will look to the garage door if I say them.  When we near the park, he gets super mad that he’s still in his stroller and then throws another huge fit when we get him out of the swing.  Thanks Gabe for this adorable picture!
He still loves bath time.  He loves when we sing.  He LOVES books, especially the ones with textures in them.  He loves watching people mow their lawns.  He loves his drum from Michelle and Bella. He loves big people's hats.
don't i look great in this hat?
i love my grandpa
He also still loves to snort:

Here's a few more pictures from this month:
i know my face doesn't show it, but i really love it Tasha and Kaelee.  Thanks!
i can't wait until i can actually throw this thing.  maybe at that camera.
you want me to do what?
oh look, my toes
check out my new guitar.  now i just need to decide if grandpa, auntie jenna, or uncle casey should give me lessons.

And on another note, I hope you're getting ready for a major overload of crafty posts because I am now in full birthday planning party mode.  I have a very small modest budget, so many of the things I'm doing myself and I can't wait to document them all for you.  Here's a sneak peak at the invite.  It's Sunday, June 5th from 3-5.  So get it on your calendars. :)


  1. So big! We need to visit soon. I'm really bummed we won't be able to come to his party! It's the day after my brother's wedding.

  2. got it on the calendar! I"m just assuming we'll be invited. lol!

  3. Ethan has that guitar and LOVES it.

  4. @Jonell - thanks! They're my favorite to write!

    @Sara - I figured you probably wouldn't be coming. :( But we'll see you soon hopefully.

    @Joanna - you bet you're invited

    @Ellen - I saw it at Walmart and wanted it so bad, but decided he didn't really need it. Then then next day, I found it at All Things Kids (consignment) for $2! We love it because it plays "real" songs and not baby songs. :)

  5. I love that you have been so consistent with these monthly posts. I had to note on the mac and cheese: we love it too. :) I buy the Annie's natural brand, though. It is a bit more expensive but I love knowing the ingredients are real, and I actually like the taste a lot more too.

  6. My son loves Mac & Cheese, and I am kind of a Mac & Cheese snob I only like Kraft. It's horrible I know...but here's what I do...first I get the whole wheat ones if we can afford it that month, then when I am making it, I cook some cauliflower and carrots, and sometimes zucchini if I have it on had, then I puree it with with cheese sauce, and I usually don't need either the milk or the butter depending on taste. And if I don't put too many veggies in it, he gobbles it up, none the wiser. It's pretty decent tasting and he gets a full serving of veggies in each serving he gets.


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