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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Happy bithday (part 2)

So, my sister and Angie thought my 30th needed a little more fanfare, so all of us ladies went out for dinner last Saturday!  I've never eaten at Flattop Grill before and I would definitely give it 2 thumbs up.  Delish!  It was pretty crazy that we sat at table #30.  It was meant to be!  It was such a fun night of great conversation and tons of laughter. I'm really blessed to have such great ladies in my life. Thanks so much for helping me celebrate saying hello to 30, flirty, and thriving!  Here's a few pictures from the evening:
showing off the table number (thanks Holly for this picture!)
Angie, Arlene, and Jenna
the costume I was forced lucky enough to get to wear!
these ladies even got a babysitter for me.  aww!
all the ladies - Aubrey, Holly, Jessica, Angie, Arlene, Jenna, and me
even Owen enjoyed my party favors the next day!

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