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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Happy birthday (part1)

So nothing like posting this almost a month late right?  I'm so behind in all my blogging.  VLI is kicking my butt and I've got too many knitting projects in the works in the evenings to keep up with all the things I should be writing.  So I'm backing up to talk about my birthday and then I post Owen's 10 month review shortly.

So I turned 30.  Yep, goodbye 20's.  I'm actually really looking forward to this decade of life.  I'm looking forward to more babies, settling my family down in a "forever" house (finally) and feeling more comfortable in my own skin.

The day before my birthday, William continued his tradition of big beautiful flowers and brought these home:
The actual day of my birthday, we had some super fun visitors.  Michelle and Bella came to eat and play with us.  Bella didn't waste any time making her moves on my guy.  I totally approve Owen. :)
They brought Owen a little drum which I think is his favorite toy of all time:
Then, Bella spent some time talking on my phone and well, just looking adorable!
After the two beauties left, I opened a package from Auntie Du!  Owen immediately claimed the little dog for his own.  Then my mom came over so William and I could go to dinner.  We had an amazing meal at Red Lobster with the best server around, Gabe! 
So that was it.  Not exactly the over-the-top transition into my next decade of life that I was hoping for (don't worry, William said my 31st, 32nd, 33rd and on will be amazing :)  But that's what girlfriends are for right?

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