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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Owen's Busy Week

This has been a very busy week for my little man. Here's a few things that he's learned just in this last week:
  • As pictured above, Jenna has been teaching him to leave things on his head.
  • He's waving bye-bye consistently every time we leave a room or he sees someone walking away.
  • He has found his boy parts (no, we're not calling them that, but like I want to write that on a public blog).
  • He's learned to hold and drink from his sippy cup.
  • The fake cough has returned.
  • He got a tooth with a few more that are very ready to make their appearance. 
  • He finally figured out how to pick up his feet and "walk" while we're holding his hands.  Maybe he'll be skipping from rolling to walking?
  • He's been pointing at things, lights, the fan, outside, trucks, balls, etc.  He gets this from me.
  • He is consistently signing 'more' for food, reading books, and doing somersaults:

Whew, I wish I could say he was tired. :)

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