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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

There is nothing I'm more thankful for today than for Jesus.  Really, I don't know how people make it through life without him.  Thank you Jesus for dying for all the crap I've done and for being ALIVE again.  I was praying with Owen tonight as we got ready for sleep and I look forward with anticipation the day he actually gets what this holiday means and asks Jesus to live in his heart.

As for our day, we headed off to church. I held off wearing one of my new dresses because 1) I'm pasty white.  According to my sister I'm see-through white and 2) we were working in the nursery, so I knew there'd be lots of floor time.  It was a little crazy with the kiddos today since there were quite a few visitors and Owen really didn't like having to share his mommy and daddy.  But we survived.  Then Owen and I went home to take a nap while William spent the afternoon with my parents loading up a big truck for one load going to Peoria tomorrow.  I think it's starting to hit a little that they really are moving. As in, I won't just be running over to their house in 10 minutes.

Then we joined them and had dinner with my parents, sis, and Liz and Daniel J.  There's nothing better than PapaDel's pizza for Easter!
picture with mom
dad's turn
the best we could do for a family picture
I love this new face - the pursed lip scowl

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