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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

things i currently love

  • Organizing - I'm saving my craft room for after everything else gets done.  It's helping me stay motivated to keep opening those boxes.
  • Walking up stairs to go to our bedrooms.
  • My new fridge - I've never had water/ice in the door before!
  • The fact that Owen can push his little walking toy in circles for hours minutes on end.
  • I can drop something in the kitchen or use the bathroom without my son hearing it and waking up
  • The water pressure in my shower.
  • A basement to hide all my crap stuff 
  • Finally, a really quiet dishwasher. Not sure about the washing machine.  I haven' t read the manual yet and you better believe I'm doing that before I use that beautiful spaceship looking contraption.
  • Owen actually loves being off of a busy street.  There are tons of trucks going into the subdivision across the street for the new school that's being built.  He's in heaven just watching and pointing as they drive by.
  • A hubby that has a very similar decorating style.  Man the to-do and to-buy list just keeps growing.  :)
Sometimes it's the little things. 

1 comment:

  1. yay! yay! yay! so excited for you guys and this new and wonderful stage of life!


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