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Friday, July 8, 2011

The tour - upstairs

And we continue our tour with the upstairs portion of the house!  Again, you walk up the lovely, light flight of stairs.  This ha quickly become Sophie's favorite place to sleep because of the sun streaming in.
This is what you see when you walk up the stairs.  There are two bedrooms and a bathroom to the right.  Then one bedroom to the left and our master is the one straight down the hall.  I know bedroom pictures are a little hard to grasp the full picture, but I'll do my best.  
The first bedroom on the right is Owen's room. We wanted him as far away from us as possible since at our old place,William taking a shower at night would wake him up.  It might not be his room forever, but I keep having to tell myself that I'm decorating and storing things right now with the house AS IS and as if I only have 1 kid.  I keep thinking, well when we have 3 kids, then this will have to change, etc.  Slow down Emily.  Put things away and enjoy the space we have right now.  So anyways, where was I?  Owen's room.
Owen's room to-do list:
  • I don't think I'm going to paint because I'll wait to do his "big boy" room.  I have tons of ideas saved for this one.  It will depend if our eventual baby 2 is a boy or girl (no, not pregnant).  If it's a girl, I'll move some of his orange and turquoise things with him to his new room.  If it's a boy, he'll get all new stuff!  I'm side tracked again, aren't I?
  • So for now, it's hanging curtains and fabric book shelves
  • Hang alphabet letters and picture frames
  • Hang bunting flags my mom made
Next to Owen's room is a full bath.  I wish it has 2 sinks, but everything else is great!  I love how the sink has no ridge around the edge to collect gunk.
Kid/Guest bathroom to-do list:
  • paint bathroom a gray color
  • my mom bought me an awesome shower curtain with gray and bright green, so those will be the colors
  • buy new bath mats, soap dispenser, etc
  • find wall art or vinyl decal
The room on the other side of the bathroom is going to be the current guest room.  We've never had a guest room before, so I'm super excited!  This will give William's folks a place to stay when they visit and we're also looking forward to some other visitors.  Come on Habels and Carlyles. :)

Guest bedroom to-do:
  • umm, buy a bed :)  this will depend on what we do with our master.  We could get what we want in there and put our furniture in the guest room. But the cheaper option is to scour craigslist for a good bed deal for now.
  • get end tables
  • I'm using the beautiful quilt my mom made for me for Christmas which has so many beautiful colors in it.  But the main accents brown, kinda  pink/coral, and apple green.
  • decorate! - no real concrete ideas yet
  • this room will also probably not get painted as it won't be a guest bedroom forever
Moving on down the hall, we come to the one bedroom facing the front of the house.  I love this little room! There's a great ceiling fan, 2 matching closets, and my favorite part, a built in toy box. For the time being, this is going to be my craft room!  Woohoo, a craft room.  I am so excited, I can't even stand it.  I know it won't be a permanent place, but at least for a short while,  my glue gun will have a home of its own.
Craft room to-do list:
  • oh my goodness, I could go on forever with my dream craft room - storage, cute things on the wall, a craft desk with tons of ribbon storage.  But I'm also being hopeful that I will get pregnant this summer
Our last stop on our tour is the master bedroom. This room is huge!  It's definitely one of the last rooms on my renovation list since so few people see it, but I'll be gathering ideas for someday.  I love the vaulted ceilings, the fan, and the big window.  There's one "walk-in" and one regular closet so not the most storage in the world, but we'll figure it out.  And the reason I can't wait until it gets cold: my new bathtub.  I always told William I'd love a huge tub, but it wasn't on my list because let's be real, it's not at all a necessity.  But I got one!  YAY!!  The only other little thing is that there really isn't much counter top space.  I just hope William doesn't mind a hair dryer in his sink. :) haha
Master to-do list:
  • In my big dreams, I'd love a new bedroom set.  We're using all the stuff I had pre-marriage which is just fine for right now.  But maybe someday, we'll get a great dark wood set with a great platform bed.
  • I have some fun plans for artwork and jewelry holders.  Again, this room won't get the formal treatment for a long time.
  • I'd love a pretty chair and table for a reading/seating area.
  • The bathroom is getting a pretty new shower curtain and paintings which was at my mom's house.  She got new things, so I inherited her other stuff.  I love it!
And that's about it. I'm sure I'll think of tons more things to add to these lists over the months, but I can't wait to share some fun projects with you guys.  And if you're ever in town, you now all have a place to stay!  

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