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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

We're home owners (again)

I am typing this from my new house on the couch I’ve claimed as mine that has been locked away in storage. My new house. I’m having a hard time looking around and believing this house is ours.

Thursday my mom came into town to help me finish up packing and then to watch Owen for our closing! We went to Busey Bank and got started singing the pile of papers. Man, they kill a lot of trees for this process. Our realtor, our mortgage loan guy, and our lawyer are all friends from church, so it felt kinda like a party. Just a couple minor things came up, so we were out in only an hour. Two fun tidbits from the closing. The lady who ran the closing came in saying that we must be good luck. She said she rarely, if ever has a HUD (the main document you sign) that she submits that comes back with no problems. But ours did. She had called the company wondering where their call or fax was with the corrections and the lady on the other end said everything was great. Then, the other realtor chatted with us as things were wrapping up. She said she’d been in the business a long time and the deal we got on this house was the best one she’s seen in the last couple years. She said she didn’t know how this one slipped through the listings the way it did. Well, we know how it slipped into our hands. Thank you God.
We went over to the new place immediately to take pictures of every room completely empty.  I need to have some before and after pictures eventually.  Friday was spent cleaning the new place and getting new appliances installed, the TV hooked up, and the air conditioning fixed (that was one of the only things wrong at inspection).  During this whole process, we had a truck fiasco.  U-Haul called to confirm our truck rental from 5pm to 5am.  Excuse me, 5 AM?  Who moves overnight?  And they had no other trucks.  Neither did the 3 other u-hauls, penske, or ryder.  Church's big truck was being used for a wedding.  What were we going to do?  Thankfully, the gal from Penske called back and said that a guy who picked up a truck for 48 hours said he'd be returning it early.  Score!  It was much smaller than what we needed, which meant a lot more loads, but at least we were still able to move.
Then early Saturday morning, the hottest day of the year so far of course, a great team of folks came over to help us move all our stuff from the house and the storage unit.  They were amazing and we couldn't have been more thankful that they gave up a precious Saturday to get dehydrated and do back breaking work.  We love you guys! 
It took most of day and William did one more load on Sunday while Owen and I went to church.  But we're in!  Now if we can ever park in the garage is a good question. We've already met the neighbors across the street (M&C with premie C and then S&L with A, E, and N).  We're LOVING it here!  Can't wait to show you around.  Post coming soon. . .
you said to help you unpack right?  oh, you didn't mean your purse?

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