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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

another hair cut!

Owen’s last hair cut a cheapie “salon” was, well, awful.  We were trying to hold out for Aunt Jenna to come home to cut his hair.   But she’s trying not to check any bags and hence, can’t bring her shears in her carry ons.  So today, I took Owen to the gal I tried last month, Tashia (like Asia with a T) at the John George Salon over by us in Savoy.  She did a great job with mine and did awesome with this little guy.  He started off happy (with the huge sucker I brought for bribery.Picture 413-002 Picture 414-002 Picture 415-001 But don’t let the pictures deceive you.  Soon after they were taken, he started melting down and refusing to hold still.  Tashia and another gal did an awesome job of trying to distract him while I put him on my lap and ended up having to hold his head for a few cuts.  The gal next to Tashia even pulled out her phone to try and show Owen pictures of her tractor.  Ellie just watched in dismay from the stroller. :) Picture 416It needs to grow just a bit more in the back to fix what the last gal did to it, but overall, it looks much better for our pictures next week!Picture 417

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  1. We LOVE John George! I don't know Tasia well, she was new when we were moving....but Ashlee did all of our hair & she is amazing! Totally bawled when we had our last appt. with her. SO, totally recommend her:) Tearing up just thinking about it...sigh. Miss you! (Melissa)


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