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Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween 2012 {reverse trick or treat}

On Monday, we debuted our costumes at a Reverse Trick or Treat and the Champaign County Nursing Home.  Holly plans this every year and it’s the first year we’ve been able to go.  Basically, all the kiddos dress up and bring little treats/stickers to hand out to the nursing home residents. 

We got a few pictures before heading out:IMG_8511 IMG_8528 IMG_8543The minute we arrived, out came the serious faces and the refusal to talk.IMG_8574But look at this happy little guy.  I don’t think I ever see him without this sweet smile.IMG_8586IMG_8598It was pretty chaotic as everyone arrived.  But we organized ourselves into a few groups and set off to the different wings in the nursing home.IMG_8592IMG_8602This is how Owen stayed the whole time.  Clinging tightly onto his sister’s stroller.  IMG_8603IMG_8604My cuties!IMG_8608He ventured out with me a few times as I handed out his treats from his bag.  He refused to even hand anyone a sucker.  But the other kiddos did a great job handing out their treats and saying Happy Halloween.  The residents were so super sweet and complimentary of all the cuteness.  I had a sweet conversation with one lady named Nancy and she told me all about her kids and how they were all over the country.IMG_8611Here is Annabelle, the cutest little candy corn ever.IMG_8618 I made this sweet little bow to go with the awesome costume her mom, Jill, sewed up for her!IMG_8621This was the start of some of our kiddos melting down.  Mine being one of them.  IMG_8622I hope we get to do this every year.  It made the residents day and ours.  It was so sweet to see the kids loving on everyone they came into contact with.  Hopefully Owen will come out his shell a bit next year.  Thanks Holly for putting this together!blog-signature-1

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