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Thursday, November 8, 2012

our week

Whew, bad blogging week.  I’m trying to stay off the computer this week to make sure this potty training thing is really sticking.  With the risk of what happens when you post something online, I’m going to say that Owen is pretty much trained.  Seriously, this kid made it easy.  I am so proud of Owen.  He’s even been waking up from naps with a dry diaper and staying dry when we go out in public.  Way to go little man!

So what have we been up to this week?  Sunday was church with this cutie:Picture 418 Then some fun counting and singing with dad:

Monday was just some hanging out.  Ellie is really a messy eater.  She will not let you just put the food in her mouth.  She has to hold the spoon and then shove her whole hand in too.  We’ve resorted to stripping her down and her chair no longer has the cover on it.  Monday afternoon, we took a meal to Tosha and Norm who just welcomed their #3, sweet Melody.Picture 427Wednesday, we headed to campus to the Language Acquisition Lab.  Owen participated in a short video study again.  He walked right in and had no problems talking to the nice ladies.  We talked in the morning about being friendly, not shy. :)  Then we headed off to Old Navy to look for some clothes for our picture shoot with my sister in 2 weeks!!!  Cannot wait!  Owen was excited to get a balloon.Picture 422Today, we hung out with Sam! Picture 430 Since we’ve been stuck inside due to the dreary weather, we busted out the paint today and made these cute turkeys.  The feathers are their hands and the brown turkey are their footprints.  Both boys did great, even with the tickling aspect of getting their feet painted.  Then we glued on some googly eyes and a beak.  Yes, we made a huge mess, but had lots of fun!Picture 433blog-signature-1

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