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Monday, November 5, 2012

Pinned It, Did It Monday {potty training, monster hat, & iPhone}

pinned itWelcome back to Pinned It, Did It Monday where I show you some of the things I’ve actually done from Pinterest.  I haven’t been on Pinterest much just due to busyness, so I’m trying to go back and look through all the pins I marked way back when I first learned about this online peg board of amazing #1Picture I Pinned:
Source: My thoughts and tips on potty training from Memories on Clover Lane
My Review: No pictures for this one as I just posted them yesterday. :)  I read LOTS of things on potty training.  This was one I enjoyed.  Short and sweet and right along the way we’ve been doing it.  Good #2Picture I Pinned:
Source: Crochet Monster Hat Pattern from The Boy Trifecta
My PicturesIMG_8835 IMG_8837IMG_8846IMG_8825My review: I’ve been wanting a fun “boy” hat and this really did the trick.  It was a great pattern, even for a beginning crocheter.  Owen loved it and wouldn’t take it off.  Wish I would have put my horns a little closer together, but oh 3I’m always a sucker for pins that simplify my phone and teach me some new cool tricks that it can do.
Picture I Pinned:
Source: iPhone Tips and Tricks with iOS 6 from Pocket-lint
My review: no pictures of course.  But I learned a couple new tricks for my operating system that I didn’t know before.  Primarily the one that’s in the picture.  Love being able to text back quickly to a phone call or having a reminder to get back to a phone call quickly.

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