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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween 2012 {trick or treating}

I know you’re sick of seeing these, but I have to officially have a blog about our night of trick or treating. We had to fight Owen to get him back in his costume as I think he was over it. But as soon as I handed him his glow in the dark “scepter” he agreed to put his hat on and get in the spirit. :) We walked across the street to the neighborhood parade. We walked around one large block and then spent about a half an hour trick or treating, ending up back by our house.
on our way to the parade
my cousin Julie, with Dragon Ty and Tiger Tate
thanks Mike for the good family picture!
my cuties
IMG_8748 IMG_8764IMG_8775IMG_8785
we brought up the rear of the parade
brrr, it's cold out here
my cute guys
his first house
he was pretty timid the whole night and need William or I to go with to each house
we met up with Erica, Dan, and Asher
a fire truck drove with it's lights on and made frequent candy stops
checking out his loot

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