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Sunday, February 10, 2013


I’ve been a pretty bad couponer since Ellie was born.  I print out coupons for my grocery trips, but haven’t done the whole “drugstore game” at all.  But I still need to pinch off a bit more in our grocery/household budget, so it’s time to start reading up on my money saving blogs.  The great news is that a new CVS just opened up about 4-5 minutes away.  I will probably make this my one extra stop each week and get back in the game.  Here was my haul from today:photo-001
Regular price for everything: $92.39
minus sales: -$30.81
minus coupons: -$5.25
minus Extra Care bucks ($ that I can spend on future purchase): -$19
Grand total: $37.33

For a savings of about 60%.  Not bad for just getting back into this.  It takes a little while with CVS to really start seeing great deals as you can stack your extra care bucks and eventually not pay anything out of pocket and still leave with more extra care bucks to spend in the future.  But I’m excited about trying to be better about this to help our bottom line.  Jenny – I have not forgotten about your request for a post on why we use a cash system.  Hoping to get that posted this week! :)


  1. Hey girl, that's so neat the CVS opened! Is the McDonalds up too? I just discovered there is no CVS in this state....who knew?!

    1. No McD yet, which is probably really good for my diet coke addiction. :)


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