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Monday, February 11, 2013

Happy birthday sweet girls!

This week I got to do some crafting for 2 of my friend’s girls.  The first was for Natalie’s 6th birthday!  Her request was a sock monkey hat!IMG_0115Picture 522The next day was sweet Nola’s 2nd birthday.  What?  Where did that time go?IMG_0149Picture 523And lastly, my friend Mandie is due with a little girl in May.  She ordered my set of bows called “A Year in Hairclips.”  It features a bow for every holiday throughout the year.  :)  IMG_0133 And a few headbands as well:IMG_0134 I love making projects for friends and being able to pray over the recipients of them.  And thank you ladies for helping me fund my kiddos’ birthday party!

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  1. We love you. You're an absolute blessing to me and all of us. And your handiwork is beautiful. I'm so thankful that our paths crossed, and our lives have intertwined.


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