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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Owen’s sleep

As all of you faithful readers know that Owen has never been a good sleeper.  Since he turned 2, we have had short periods of time where he sleeps through the night, but the last couple months have been awful.  He was waking once of twice and would SCREAM or run to bang on his door.  He would get even more upset if William tried to help him, going rigid or yelling at William to hold him standing up, weird things like that.  So that meant I was doing double baby duty at night. (I’m already praying if we ever have a #3 that God would be ever so gracious and give us at least one sleeper).

Since he responded well to a sticker chart for potty training, we decided to give it a try for sleep.  Well, a sticker chart alongside yet another round of tough love. When he woke up, I put him back in bed Super Nanny style with an “I love you, but it’s time to go to sleep.”  I would repeat 2-3 times and then let him cry.  The first awful night was about 1.5 hours of crying.  But night 2 was only 25 minutes and night 3 was 5 minutes.  Then, the next 3 nights he earned a sticker by not waking up at all or crying for us!  When William got home from work, they got to make a guy trip to the store and pick out any car or truck.  Score for William showing him a clearance truck that he loved!  hahaPicture 468-001 Picture 469-001His next sticker chart, he had to earn 4 stickers which he earned in 5 nights!  We are now sticker chart free and (prayerfully) will continue with his better sleeping. PS – doesn’t he look cute in his leather jacket and corduroys?  :)

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