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Monday, February 25, 2013

Happy 10 Months Ellison!

IMG_0295-001Ok, I give up trying to take pictures of my 10 month old wiggle worm. I may try one more time this week, but this is already overdue by a week. So don't mind the crazy pictures. She would NOT cooperate. :) IMG_0286-001There’s not really a whole lot to report about this month besides her movement!  She is crawling up on all 4’s, pulling up on everything, cruising furniture, and watch this:
Yep, I think we'll easily have a walker before her 1st birthday. She get's SO mad if she's not standing up or moving.
She’s a pretty good eater, but LOVES baby food (purees) way better than finger foods.  Unless it’s veggie straws.  She loves those things.  I tried a few pouches where she sucks up the food and she adored them.IMG_0259-001Not going to lie, this hasn’t been my favorite month.  I’m in complete sleep deprivation, but have been hesitant to really make her cry it out because of all the new teeth she’s been getting.  She has 4 and we’re days away from #5 and 6 popping through.  And she’s been so so grumpy and whiny.  I know this often happens before this hit a new milestone, so I’m just praying that these teeth come in and walking starts happening.  Because I want my sweetie back. IMG_0319She seems to know the exact toys to take from Owen that will cause the biggest meltdowns.  And she has eyes like a hawk for his snacks or water cups.  Hers just aren’t good enough for her. :)IMG_0265 But the sweet things still outweigh the bad.  She plays peek-a-boo, blows kisses, waves goodbye, and gets SO excited when William comes home from work.  She’s still a great 2x’s a day napper and I adore picking her up after naps.  She’s all smiles.
IMG_0306 IMG_0275
And peace I'm out of here:IMG_0303


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