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Friday, March 1, 2013


Wow, slacker blogger much?!   I blame Ellie’s lack of sleep.  I’ve been going to bed early instead of staying up to blog.  And I blame winter.  I usually love a good snow, but I feel like we’re just stuck inside, plodding along, and doing the same thing every week.  That makes for some pretty boring blogs.  I’m ready for spring, getting outside, and getting inspired to clean, organize, and tackle some fun new projects.  But don’t worry in the meantime I’ve got a few blog posts to get be back in the habit.  I need to do a few room tours in the house and I’ll be doing a few “wedding flashback” posts to help inspire an old roommate who is planning her wedding!

Alright, here’s something new we’ve had on our plates for a few weeks.  An old college friend got in touch with me asking if we would want to participate in a 5 week Musikgarten class in her home.  Her friend had just completed her training and wanted to do a five week class to practice her teaching.  Since Owen loves his other music class at the Champaign School of Music, we jumped on board.  It’s been fun to see her again and Owen and Ellie love it.  Sam (our daycare kid) also comes with us.  He’s still not sure about the whole thing. :)


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