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Sunday, March 24, 2013


Today I turned 32.  Wow that's hard to believe.  I'm heading towards my mid-thirties.  But I must say I love my 30's.  Finally feel pretty comfortable in my own skin if that makes sense.  It was a nice low-key birthday celebrating with all my sweeties.  I'm looking forward a sushi dinner date tomorrow night and not having to do bedtime routines. :)

We simply did church:
Ellie in her cute dress
Then we went out to eat at Applebee's.  The kiddos thankfully did awesome!
William listened very well to my hints for a birthday gift.  I need to up my exercise and I hated my current shoes.  I literally had to put a band-aid on every time I wore them.  So he gave me money to go to Body N' Sole and actually talk with someone who knows about shoes instead of just grabbing a "cute" pair from Kohl's.  I tried on about 15 pair and it was down to these 2 (Saucony on the left, Brooks on the right).  I loved the feel of the Brooks, but enjoyed the pink and gray combo. I told him I would take the blue ones and he said "let me do one more check in the back."
And then he came back out with the exact same Brooks in pink and gray.  SOLD!  I'm in love and wish there wasn't a foot of snow on the ground to try them outside.
Since the kids refused to nap today (of course) we did some Easter fun since we were trapped inside. Owen did a great job helping me dye some Easter eggs.  A little tip I found on Pinterest was the put the egg in a whisk so he could hold it easier and put it into the cup of dye. It worked great!
mixing the dye
he was pretty excited when we took them out
Ellie was just cruising around the house - won't be long now before she's walking
a view from the front porch
My mom said that the day I was born was a bright, sunny spring day.  Quite different from today.  But still a nice day with the family!

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  1. Happy birthday, lady! Looks like you had a fab day. :)


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