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Saturday, March 16, 2013

first trip to the ER

Thursday night was a “first” that no mom wants.  A trip to the ER.  Ellie had been battling this awful awful flu for almost two weeks (Owens awfulness only lasted 5 days which was bad enough). She’d have a day where’d she seem ok and then the next she’d be right back to vomiting, low grade fever, and awful diapers.  After several trips and calls to the doctor, her behavior Thursday warranted a trip to the ER.  She would barely lift up her head and wasn’t eating much at all.  Our nurse was worried about dehydration.

It wasn’t the best ER experience to say the least.  The place was packed and we were not life or death, so we kind of got shafted the whole night.  We waited and waited and were on a bed in the hall for quite awhile.Picture 438-001Picture 442-001 We said the same story to 3 or 4 different people, and finally got a (shared) room.  They gave her a dose of Zofran, which is an anti-nausea medicine.  Funny thing is that is the same medicine I took while I was pregnant with her.   About 20 minutes later, we tried to give her a bottle of Pedialyte which she took 3 sips of and hated.  But then she nursed and held it down.  I finally got her to fall asleep and about an hour later, I finally was able to track someone down to talk to.  We met with a doctor who said he was just going to send us home.  He basically said she may look bad to me, but they’ve seen much worse.   Like I said, not the best experience.  Of course, on the way out she had a diaper blow out and I had just run out of wipes.  Oh joy.Picture 443-001We finally made it home.  The poor thing had 2 awful nights as her tummy tried to get used to having food and medicine in it.  But I think that finally, after 2 weeks, she is officially on the mend.  Thank you Jesus!Picture 444-001

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  1. Brutal. :( Having a sick kid is soooo very scary. Glad Miss Ellie is feeling better and holding things down!


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