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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

tooting my own horn

Weight.  It’s such a touchy subject that I haven’t talked a ton about this on here.  But I hit a pretty big milestone this week, so I thought I should toot my own horn for a short post.  And while I try not to care about the actual #’s on the scale, I’m using them here to show how hard I’ve worked. :)

This is me in labor with Ellie.  I weighed about 185.  I felt great.  I loved how I looked pregnant with her for some reason.IMG_6579The first 10 always come off easily.  Just having  a baby seems to help. haha  The next 10 came off with nursing and paying a little attention to what I ate.  But then I was stuck.  And even at my pre-baby weight, I was in the “overweight” category according to BMI calculators.  I was still in my “fat pants” and was really struggling every morning in my closet searching for things to wear.  Enter in the invitation to be in my brother and sister-in-laws wedding.  It was just the final kick in the butt I needed.  Along with that, I’d really love to spend lots of time at the pool this summer because the kiddo’s ages will be perfect for it.  Gotta get a tan for that bridesmaid dress.   And I wanted to be a bit more comfortable in a swimsuit.

So I suckered 2 friends into texting each week pictures of our scales for accountability and signed onto my MyFitnessPal account, which had laid dormant for over a year. As of this week, I’m at 144.4  That’s about 40 pounds down from my highest.  And about 20 pounds that I had to really work for!  I am now in the “normal” BMI category and weigh what I did at my wedding.  Now nothing looks like it used to largely because I’m not working out a ton.  I’ve focused more on my food intake since that what my current schedule allows.  I try to fit in at least 2 working out videos a week and will walk more once it gets warmer.  But mostly, it’s just been keeping track of every single morsel of food that goes into my mouth and making better choices.

Not fun, but seeing the results has kept me motivated to keep going.   I’ve kept a close watch on my milk supply for Ellie, but thankfully it didn’t change at all.  I don’t have any “real” before and after pictures, but here is a picture from November:pool-1915And here’s a picture from the dressing room yesterday while trying on a jean size I haven’t worn since high school!photo-001 Thanks to A and L for the awesome support and encouragement along the way!


  1. Congratulations! You look beautiful!

  2. You look amazing!! So proud of your accomplishments! I'd love to know what resources you used for food intake and preparation. I am in need of my own weight loss bootcamp!!

  3. You look fantastic, Emily! Although I think the most important thing is that you feel fantastic. :) Btw, when I saw the top pic of you pregnant I have to admit I was wondering if no. 3 was already on the way and there was something I had missed. Hehe.. ;)

    1. Thanks! Haha - nope not pregnant. The goal will actually be to keep William's hands off me long enough to enjoy this size for a bit before #3. :)

  4. Awesome Em, you look fantastic!

  5. You look great Emily! Way to go!

  6. Way to go Emily! Major accomplishment! I will be using you for inspiration after I have the babies... I'm sure I will have weight to work off then! You have never looked heavy to me, by the way, but I know what you mean about getting more toned. Hopefully some warm weather soon (maybe???) and you can get out and walk. :)


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