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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Weekend!

We headed to Peoria on Friday to spend the weekend with my folks.  So much fun, despite the fact that my bad sleepers become VERY bad sleepers when we travel.  Sigh.  

Friday night we got there about 6:30 and had dinner with Kara, my soon to be sis-in-law.  Don't you love that she's comfortable enough to hang out with us crazies even when my brother isn't there.  We missed seeing Jenna, Philip, and Casey though. :(

Saturday morning, we just hung out and played with Owen in the basement (his favorite place since it holds all the trucks and cars a little boy could dream of).  After an early lunch, we went outside to do a little egg hunt around their house.  Owen did great finding them all and helping Ellie put her pink ones in her basket.  Not only did Owen get goodies inside the eggs, there were ones that had little slips of paper that told him another prize he got.  My mom went crazy overboard and stocked him up on coloring books, stickers, bubbles, new sidewalk chalk, and a few more outside things.  They both are sorta spoiled rotten (and I kinda love it!).
sorting the "loot"
After nap times, Owen wanted to head back outside with Grandpa and use the bubbles.   We took a few pictures and then took a group walk down to the little pond in their neighborhood to see if there were any geese or ducks out.
he would NOT make a normal face!
the best of many. . .
modeling her hat perfectly
my favorite guys in the world!
can you spot the goose?
Sunday morning was an EPIC fail when it came to having kids that cooperated in getting ready for Easter.  Owen screamed about everything and was super whiny.  So by the time I forced his tie on him and he stopped ripping it off, there was no way I was getting a picture out of him.  Ellie will not sit still for a picture so this means I have NO Easter pictures of the 2 of them.  This is only one of Owen at the table at church.  He was adorable in the tie even though it came off immedaitely after church.  
And Ellie wasn't much more cooperative either. 
her new favorite thing is "stirring" and pretending to eat - so cute!
yes, this is Ellie eating the dirt from the tulips
Oh well, that's not what Easter is all about, right?  We had a fabulous time at the Vineyard Church - Peoria.  My dad's message was great, they had a full band which is a new addition, and they had a record attendance!  So excited for them!  We can't wait to go back in just a month or so for my sister in law (to be)'s baptism!

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