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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

time with Sara and girls

I apologize now for the slew of blog posts headed your way over the next couple days.  I'm pretty behind!  Many of these I'll be backdating to when they actually happened. :)

We got to spend some precious time with my bestie and her 2 girls this week.  I am so mad I didn't get a single picture of us ladies, but of course snapped away at the littles.  Have I told you blogging world that they are moving to Glasgow?  As in SCOTLAND.  As in flying across an ocean?  I can't even write more about that because I always start crying.  Thank goodness for Skype and phone calls but it won't be the same.  Guess we better start saving for a trip overseas.  So this was likely the last time we will see each other before they make the big move.

The girls arrived Monday afternoon and got to stay until Wednesday morning when we picked up Phil from the train station.  We had lots of fun playing outside, going to Mom2Mom, and just talking.  It was the first time we had met baby Kahrin who is just a doll baby (in looks and her amazing disposition).
playing outside!
bath is so fun with 3
sweet sleeping baby
Ellie checking out Kahrin
look at all that hair!
blurry, but what a great smile!
I do have to comment on this picture.  Of course, our first major meal time meltdown would happen when we had guests over.  I asked him to eat one bit of his apple and carrot "casserole" (just those things with butter and brown sugar on them - yummy right?).  And the battle commenced.  He spent about 40 minutes screaming about one measly bite.  Half way through I knew I had to stick it out, just to prove my point. :)  As soon as all the other kids got down and headed up for bath, he chose the carrot bite and we moved on with life.  Point for mom.
 Anywhoo, we had a fabulous visit.  I won't write about how much we'll miss them, etc because once again I'll just blab and cry.  Here's a sweet video of Kahrin "talking."

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