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Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Last week, we had another first.  A trip to convenient care for potential stitches.  William had just left after eating lunch at home with us.  Owen was sprinting ahead of Ellie and I as we climbed the stairs for nap.  He ran into my room, tripped and I heard a thud (he hit right on a corner of the wall). I was about to sound like my mom and say "that's what you get for goofing around." Until I saw his head.  It swelled immediately and starting bleeding.  I called William and yelled at him to turn around and come home.  Then I called his doctor and then my 2 nurse friends.  We decided better be safe than sorry.  So William took him in while I put Ellie to sleep.  The minute they left I started crying and wished I would have taken him.  He needed his momma with him.  

But they both survived and he didn't need stitches or even glue.  We kept telling him the story of when my little brother, Casey fell off my parents bed and had to get stitches on his forehead.  Casey is his new hero.   It's already starting to look a lot better and we'll just be sure to keep it good and sunscreened this summer.


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