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Friday, April 19, 2013

Ellison’s 1st Birthday

Ellie is 1!  So hard to believe!  We just did a few small things for her on Thursday since her big celebration is coming up in a month.  The day started bright and early at their 5:45 wake time.

For breakfast, everyone got party hats and yummy cinnamon muffins.  IMG_9406We sang her happy birthday and she Owen blew out her candle.  IMG_9411Does this hat go here, on my muffin?IMG_9430Mmmm, this is better than my baby oatmeal. :)IMG_9416 IMG_9422Owen made her a little card and wanted to give it to her right away.IMG_9438 IMG_9439 She also got some new shoes.IMG_9441 And a fun new Uno Moo game, which we’ve already played a million times with Owen.  Ellie likes to simply eat the farm animals.IMG_9443I made a little pink rosette cake for her.  Didn’t turn out nearly as cute as the tutorial, but for just us, it was perfect.Picture 509 IMG_9450 IMG_9453 Daddy surprised us with balloons on his way home for lunch.  He got Ellie the pink ones and Owen the orange. IMG_9458 IMG_9466 She loved them!IMG_9467 IMG_9469After a yummy lasagna leftover lunch, it was cake and singing time!  It took my mom looking at these pictures to notice something weird about the cake.  Do you see something wrong in the pictures?*IMG_9474IMG_9476IMG_9482IMG_9472IMG_9485IMG_9495IMG_9497Memaw and Papaw got her and Owen new swings (and a slide!) for their birthday, so we opened them up and played in the box awhile before nap.IMG_9508IMG_9503IMG_9505Happy birthday sweet girl!  I cannot wait to celebrate you even more next month with all your family and friends.  It has been the most amazing year with you a part of our family.  We love you so much!

*I put 2 candles on her cake.  I took my mom looking at these pictures to notice it. I have no idea what I was thinking as I’m pretty sure she is 1, not 2. blog-signature-1

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