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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Happy 12 Months!

IMG_9531I’m so big!!  And she is!  Where in the world did that year go?  I’ve been re-reading my birth story a lot this week and just thanking God again for what an amazing day it was last year.  Ellison Jakeh has been such a joy and blessing to our family and I love getting to know her spunky self more every day! (as you can see in many pictures, she had an apple slice that she stole from her brother and would not let go of.  Whatever it takes to get pictures of a wiggly 1 year old).IMG_9528 The stats from the doctor:
  • Height:  2ft, 5in (50-75th percentile – what?!  didn’t notice this random large percentile until we got home)
  • Weight: 19lb, 5 oz (27th percentile)
  • Head:  44.1 cm (21st percentile)

Or in other words, long and skinny. IMG_9549Food: She is getting to that oh-so-fun stage of wanting to feed herself.  This is great when it comes to solid foods like beans, apple slices, and ground turkey.  Not so fun when it comes to her baby food, yogurt, and the like.  But a kids gotta learn somehow right?  I bought these reusable pouches on Amazon and LOVE them!  I just pour in some baby food (usually I mix a fruit and veggie) and she downs them.   She can successfully use about any kind of cup we give her, including a straw.  She still nurses a lot which I know is more for comfort sometimes.  But I’ll start dropping  more and more feedings this summer and maybe wean before my brother's wedding in August.IMG_9537 Sleep: no news here.  Surprised?  She gets up an average of 5 times a night, which I know is ridiculous for a 1 year old.  She will nurse every time unless William gets up with her.  Thinking it may be time to cut her off from the nighttime boob and paci at the same time?IMG_9539 She has 7 teeth, 4 on top and 3 on the bottom and the 4th on the bottom is getting close to breaking through!IMG_9541 She is cruising furniture like a pro, loves to walk holding our fingers, and can even climb up on things.  This week, so finally tried to take one step while we were outside so I don’t think walking is too far off!  She loves pushing Owen’s big truck or her walker toy and then have fun chasing each other in circles around the house.

She loves to attack the cat and absolutely hates the vacuum cleaner.   IMG_9523 She’s trying to mimic more and more words although they all sound the same.  She had definite sounds for Sophie Cat, her Mimi monkey, Owen, mama, and dada.  She also signs pretty consistently for “more, all done, milk, and eat.”IMG_9517She is definitely Ms. Independent.  Nothing like her cuddly older brother.  She likes to be down on her own, figuring out her world.  She loves to play in the little kitchen and gives her babies kisses.  She makes a great car noise when we play trucks with Owen. 

All in all, an amazing first year with my awesome, sweet, and adorable daughter!  It just keeps getting better!blog-signature-1

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