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Saturday, April 27, 2013

asking Jesus in

Thursday night was one of those nights I’ve prayed for from the moment I found out I was pregnant. 
I love the conversations Owen and I have after books, Bible,  prayer and singing before bed.  We talk about the day and what things we have in store for us that week.  We talk about God and his friends and what he ate for dinner. :)  During this sweet time, when the conversation is right, I occasionally ask if he would like to ask Jesus to come live in his heart.  He always says no.  Or starts talking about his cars.

But Thursday night, we were talking about Jesus.  He was asking great questions, like “where is Jesus?”  We talked about how we can’t see him, but he lives in my heart.  And I asked him if wanted Jesus to live in his heart too.  He got really excited and said yes.  He started to try and pray and then I asked him to pray after me.  We prayed that Jesus would come to live in his heart and that he would be filled with the Holy Spirit.

When he was done praying after me, he asked if we could pray for Leo, his favorite stuffed lion and his 2 favorite stuffed bears.  So we prayed that Jesus would come live in their hearts too.  He then asked if Jesus would come out of his tummy.  I laughed and reassured him that Jesus was not like a baby who came out of tummies.

He said about 3 more times “Jesus lives in my heart now?”  For as much as an almost 3 year old gets it, I think he does.  And as my dad said when we called him, “there are those of us adults who are still praying to get it.”   When he got up in the morning, the very first thing he said to William was “Jesus lives in my heart.” 

I’ve shed quite a few tears.  Such happy happy tears. 

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