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Sunday, April 14, 2013

a post about homeschooling, but really about parenthood

Random title I know, but I’m feeling uninspired tonight.  And not sure if I’ll keep this post up for long.  haha

Last night, we ran a few errands together as a family.  So this is not a pictureless post, here are the kids playing on the mowers at Home Depot. :)DipticInstead of going home for a dinner of leftovers or sandwiches, we opted for Burger King (the super small play area is perfect for O, minus the germs).  After eating, there was another cute family there with their 3 kiddos and we all starting chatting.  Well, the dad started chatting with us as the mom was still feeding their youngest outside the play area.

He said we looked familiar, so we asked a few questions and while we didn’t know each other, church came up.  After asking where we go, and establishing that Owen was almost 3, the next question out of his mouth was, “So, are you going to home school then?”

The question really took me aback.  I mean, I knew the questions about school were coming as we approached three.  And I’ve actually been starting to research quite a bit about what we might do.  And I have a whole other post about my thoughts about homeschooling.  And I’m actually leaning that way.  But to assume that since we go to church, I would home school, definitely caught me unprepared for how to answer him.  I fumbled for an answer, made a little more small talk, took his wife’s email in case I had any “questions” about home schooling, and got out of there.

So here’s my little soapbox.  Just because I love Jesus does not mean that you can assume that I will home school.  Nor does is mean that I will send them to private or public school.  Loving Jesus doesn’t mean that I breastfeed my babies or co-sleep.  Loving Jesus also doesn’t mean I bottle feed or love the crib.  Loving Jesus doesn’t mean that I absolutely spank.  Or that I only use time outs.  Loving Jesus doesn’t mean that I’m a stay at home mom.  Or a million other things that look so different for every family.

I love Jesus.  And my kids.  And what that means for me is asking Him what’s best for William, myself, Owen and Ellison.  It’s me asking what fits for our family - at this time, with these resources of time, energy, and money, and in this current space in life.  So people, come on.  Stop judging what all the other families are doing or feeling bad that you’re not doing something like them.  Love Jesus.  Love your kids.  Pretty sure that’s the only “parenting rule” that’s in the Bible.

/steps off soap box


  1. AWESOME post! And your decisions for this season might be different than your decisions for next season!

  2. I couldn't agree with you more!! :)


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