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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

the dreaded flu

The last 12 days may have been the longest in my mothering journey to date.  I have had friends whose kids have had the flu.  I always said I was so sorry to hear that.  But I had NO IDEA.  None.  My kiddos have been sick before but nothing like we’ve experienced this last week and half.  I would not have wished this time on my worst enemy.  And I now have utter sympathy, pity, and respect for anyone who has mothered kids through the flu.  Our days have been filled with taking temps, puke, the worst poops ever, laundry and more laundry, doctors visits, and everything in-between.  Nights that seem to never end and days where I’m counting seconds until my reinforcements come home.
It has made me ever so thankful for a few things:
  • that my kids are (in general) very healthy
  • that our weeks are usually filled with activities that get us out and about.  Being stuck at home and inside is about to drive everyone insane.
  • that I have great girlfriends who have checked in with me and are praying us through this
  • that I have a mom that I can call to tell all the gross stories too that no one else wants to hear
  • that I haven’t had to wear real clothes, a real bra, or do my hair in 12 days (trying to see the positive here)
  • this too shall end
    Picture 428
    one of the first days

    Picture 451Picture 436
    sleepy boy
    Picture 438Picture 456
    one of the doc visits
    Picture 465-001
    puking babies are so sad
    Picture 459
    finally feeling well enough today to do a craft project
    Picture 477-001
    our Easter garland - thank you Grandma!
    Picture 480
    Owen's better, Ellie's still a little under the weather


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