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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Mentor Mom Dinner

Last night was our spring Mentor Mom’s Dinner hosted my the Mom2Mom Group I’m a part of at church.  It was such a great night out with the ladies.  I have to give my hubby a shout out for doing dinner, bath, and bedtime all by himself and surviving!

I found some adorable chevron paper in bright colors and then went from there with our decorations.Picture 488 The mason jars were wrapped with burlap, a coordinating ribbon, and filled with pretty spring daisies.Picture 489 Each gals spot had a baby food jar vase (wrapped with ribbon), a “pillow” envelope filled with Easter candy and a small piece of paper to write a question on.  I used my Silhouette cutter to make the candy envelopes.Picture 490And since I hate wasting any paper, I also cut out little flowers to use as “confetti.”Picture 492 Picture 493We had about 35 ladies in attendance.  We started with a fabulous dinner made by Darlene at church.  I seriously haven’t had anything of hers that I haven’t enjoyed!  The ladies had questions to chat about at their tables and I also asked each person to write one question on their card for the mentor moms and I collected them.

After dessert and coffee with whip cream, Veronica shared an amazing talk.  She shared the “Fourmost Lessons” she has learned as a mom.  She shared specific ways and fabulous stories about what God has taught her through EACH son...using their personalities , giftings, etc.  It was great!
Then, after a short bathroom break,  our 6 fabulous Mentor Moms came and sat up for the panel discussion.  I read through all the questions and tried to narrow it down as there were so many good ones.  I read a question and then had each mentor mom give an answer.  Here was a sample of some of the questions:
  1. How do you keep worry from overtaking your mothering?
  2. How do you balance the pressing(laundry, cooking, cleaning) with the important (reading, playing, and just being with your kids)?
  3. How do you get your mojo back after having a baby?
  4. What is a favorite tradition you have with your kids?
  5. What do you do when your spouse and you disagree on a parenting decision?
And more.  We barely got to 1/3 of the questions.  It was great to hear these older and wiser moms share with us.  They all have traveled this road before and have kids that love Jesus.  There were some heavy questions and then lots of laughter.  After they shared with us, they went back to tables and prayed for us “younger” moms.  All in all, a great evening of being encouraged as a mom!Picture 495Picture 497Picture 498Picture 500

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