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Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas gift recap

We were so blessed this year by our families! The lavished us with gifts that we really weren't expecting. We are some lucky people to have such great people in our lives.

William - He racked it in with the Daily Bible for men on CD, gifts cards to Old Navy, Kohl's, Amazon, a nice shirt and an awesome SIU hoodie from Casey (Case - he basically wears it everyday). There was more but I already forgot. From me, he got a couple Report Collection shirts from Bella. He looks really good in them. :) He also got some cologne as he was out. I also got him a subscription to Dwell magazine. Lastly, in his stocking was a letter opener because he drives me crazy every time he opens the mail with our good kitchen knives. Owen - Owen of course got the "most" gifts. We tried to explain it was because they're all much smaller gifts that what us adults were getting. I think I covered most of the Pool gifts in the other post, but to recap our favorite was a recordable story book of the Night Before Christmas. You open it to Grandma Pool reading the story to him. Amazing. She also got him some blankets, a DVD set, a great Advent calendar, the Elf on the Shelf book set, and some clothes. Some of his highlights from the Hoerr Christmas were a ton of books (many Sandra Boynton ones which I love), some plastic animals, a puzzle, some clothes, and of course some trucks and cars. He loves puppets, really cracks up at them. My mom got him a cow puppet.
I love this Little People farm set that he got. And he is absolutely going to LOVE the pool complete with a basketball hoop and slide. Next summer's going to be a blast with him. Me- So I was completely BLOWN away this Christmas. My mom always amazes me at the creative gifts she comes up with or remembers me mentioning throughout the year. The highlights (because there were so many great things). My mom has a great recipe system and I asked for all the beginnings of her system. Can't wait to take all my folders of sauce stained pages and get organized!
She also got me the book I've been eyeing. I'm loving making Owen's food, and this book has tons more recipes in it, schedules for when I should be doing stuff, and even making food up through 3 years old.
Along with great pj pants, some awesome shirts, she gave each of us kids something that is a huge part of her. She spent the last year making all four of us kids a quilt. Not just a lap quilt, I'm talking a king size quilt. It's absolutely gorgeous. I'm so in love with mine. I don't think I'll be able to convince William to change our bedding to flowers, but I cannot wait to have a gust bedroom to put this beautiful thing on. This is about a 1/4th of it. I was home by myself when I took this so I couldn't unfold the whole thing. The lighting doesn't to the color justice. I love love love it.
My sister got me a great cardigan, some adorable earrings and necklace and some amazing Moroccan Oil for my hair. The first time i used it, it already felt healthier.But I have to save the best for last. My hubby was supposed to stick to a very small gift budget this year. Meaning I told him I wanted a new cover for my IPhone since mine is broken. But what does he do? He blows it out of the water. The first thing I open is this:That's right, a red KitchenAid mixer. I'm in love. I've never had a real mixer, just a hand one. I couldn't wait to open it up and get baking. See future post about the snickerdoodles that were the first thing to grace the bowl of the mixer. Then there were these two big pink storage baskets. Perfect for storing my yarn or for a little girl's toys someday. But then I saw the little slip of paper that said pull me. Attached to that was this gift card. That's righty folks. In a few days I will be a proud owner of a Silhouette machine. I CAN NOT WAIT! Isn't my hubby amazing?! I mean, really amazing. What a wonderful Christmas. I am so blessed.

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