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Saturday, December 11, 2010

what every little girl needs

Do I not remember hair bows being big when I was a little girl or did I just not own any? For whatever the reason, when I heard Baby Habel was a girl, I was determined to make her tons of bows and flowers since I can't put them in Owen's hair (not that he has any hair to do that with anyways!) I had such a blast making all of these! For some reason, I really loved using the candle to heat seal all the ribbon ends, and yes there's a lot. And no, I'm not a pyro. I tried to post a link to the tutorial I used for each one. There's no use me telling you how to do each one when people have already done it with picture steps to help ya. Here they all are on a ribbon she can hang up. Let's start with the basic alligator clip. Here's directions on how to line them, but I actually did the directions backwards and started lining from the back. On all the clips, I also hot glue some non-slip mat that I got from walmart (the shelf lining stuff)
Next, let's move onto a simple mini bow made with cute pink and brown ribbon.
Love the colors in this one! This flower is addicting, I'll warn you. It's called a rolled fabric flower - made in green and there are tons of differnet tutorials out there for this one!Followed the same pattern as above, just used a smaller ribbon insgtead of fabric. Then added the petals.This one was called the Sweet Easy Baby Hair Clip. And it was very easy and looks super sweet.
No tutorial for this one. Just my brain.
The felt rose was one of my favorites although after making a million of them for all the decorations, I was kinda glad to be done rolling felt! :)
These are called the Silky rose and because of aforementioned love of burning the ribbon these were super fun because each layer/circle has to be melted before they're all sewn together. They're so pretty!These are called the Twisted Boutique Bow. Super cute and fun. These average $8-10 at Bella and I could easily make 5-6 out of my spool of $1 ribbon I got on sale at Hobby Lobby.The orange flower was made from this leather flower tutorial. The blue one was just called a fabric flower. Love both of these and no, I didn't realize I had done Illini colors since I did these two on different days. I added a picture of the back so you could see what I'm talking about. I hadn't added the no-slip piece to them yet in that picture.
There's no plans for this one. I bought the flower at Hobby Lobby and simply added the rhinestone and a pink-covered clip to the back.
Now it's time for some holiday clippies. Let's start with Christmas since it's only 14 days away! Ahh, I need to finish shopping! First up is the Martha Stewart Ultrasuede flowers clip. I think this may be one of my favs.
And what's Christmas without the tree?
Then moving on in the order of seasons, we have the Easter chick: And then skipping all the summer holidays, we have a pumpkin which I had seen at Bella, so I just kinda winged this one.
There were so many more examples out there that I just didn't have time to do. Here's a list if you're inspired to break out your hot glue gun.


  1. I can see you supplying stores all over town!

    One thing I found out about Hobby Lobby recently is if something is on sale and you need more than they have, they will special order the rest AND give you the sale price!! I needed 33 more headbands and they gave me 50% off of them since they were on sale when I ordered them. I love Hobby Lobby!

  2. i'll take three of each, please!... well, possibly four of each. ;)

  3. SO SUPER CUTE!!! Love them. You did a fabulous job with the bows and everything in her shower :) You should be a party planner!

  4. I know you posted this eons ago, but I just discovered it through a friend and am so excited to make some bows for my baby girl this week. Thanks for all the tips, photos, and clear instructions!


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