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Monday, December 13, 2010

Happy 6 Months!

My baby is growing up so fast! Half a year. Whew. I cannot express in words how much I love this little guy and how much I don't remember what life was like before he arrived! This month has been jam-packed with new things so I hope I don't forget any of them! Sorry for the picture and video overload in this one. They were just so adorable, I couldn't resist.

Owen can't really decide if he loves or hates the exersaucer. For example, this was a day he loved it:Other times, he screams in it or just seems bored. He really likes to eat! More on that below. He continues to love bathtime, especially now that's sitting up and getting to play with toys in the tub. He loves to sit up, but I'm convinced he's just not going to be a roller. He only last about a minute on his stomach before the blood curling screams begin. He also loves when I vacuum, which no, doesn't make me do any more even though I should.

Milestones/What's happened
He's making so many fun noises!! These most often happen when he's laying on a blanket by himself and especially on the dressing table after bath time. Here's a peak at that time:
He loves to feel people's faces which I find adorable. Also, when he's nursing, he loves to take his free hand and hit himself in the head. I sometimes have to hold his hand so his doesn't jab himself or leave a mark on his head. No teeth yet, but I have a feeling it won't be long with how often I have to use Orajel or by how much he loves when you rub your fingers on his gums. He also has developed a wiggle. He does this a lot while trying to go to sleep. I find it absolutely hilarious!
Still a great nurser. But onto the more fun things: food! It took him a little while to start liking real food, but now he's a great eater! I've made everything so far and am loving how easy and quick it's been. He really doesn't love cereal, so I typically make the food a little runnier when I puree it and then thicken it with a little cereal when he eats it. He'll nurse first, but then eats 3-4 (ice) cubes in the morning and again during his last awake time before bath. Here's a list of foods he's eaten in the order of how much he likes it (as far as I can tell).
butternut squash
sweet potato
prunes (only fruit/veggie I didn't make)
rice cereal
oatmeal cereal
As you tell by the picture below, eating is not something that Owen has a problem with:
Poor little guy. All this new food is just doing a number on his system! Below is a video of what most of his pooping is like. But we've added prunes into his diet every couple days and while he doesn't love them, they do help quite quickly after he eats them!


For the first time about 2 weeks ago, he slept from 6:30-12:15. So I know he can do it. But for the most part, he's sleeping from 6/6:30-10 and then up every few hours. It's brutal, but by now I'm quite used to it. Naps are still 30 minutes, so we just take 4 of them throughout the day.

Not too much to report on me this month. You know how people say your hair is supposed to be luscious during pregnancy. Not so much. Mine broke, got brittle, and fell out. Not to mention that the curl I used to be able to get now just looks kinky and gross. So I'm glad to report that this month, my hair has finally started to grow back. I'm looking forward to keeping it longer and to get a chance to maybe go a little lighter. In other news, I've stayed super busy with VLI and getting ready for Sara's shower. I'm really looking forward to Owen's first Christmas! Just be praying for William and I as we really try and hear what God wants us to do next.

A few more pictures of month 6:

first time in a high chair at Billy Barooz's:
First time sitting up and playing with toys in the tub.
ohh, I love the lights!
just chillinglove those big brown eyes!Oh my mister serious, please don't ever lose that furrowed brow!


  1. Adorable! Do you have a bath seat that looks kind of like a bumbo seat? I have one if you don't. Great for this age -- holds them upright so they can play without doing a faceplant in the water!

  2. I love the monthly updates. He is really getting so big! It is amazing how quickly time can pass.

  3. Owen is so adorable! I love his expression on the exersaucer photo! Wow, it's amazing how fast he's growing!

    Btw, I'm amazed at what you can pull off, Emily! All your pictures from Sara's shower were adorable! You are so creative!!

    And I'm sorry sleep isn't any better. That is so rough! Hang in there, I think teething may have a lot to do with awful sleep. ... But who knows.. ;)

  4. Never too many pics and videos! I love it, love it, love it!!!! Please keep them coming, little momma!I just can't get enough of them!! And yes, he probably is going to kill you when he sees the poopy one!!!Ha!But you have to admit,pretty funny,huh? Great bribe material for when he is older! Is that wicked? Oh, well!He still is just too adorable with all the cooing and wiggling!The best part is he knows you are asking him to wiggle, and he does!!! Wait till he starts to weeble and wobble!Well, I just can't wait!!! All your party stuff is very impressive and cool!Maybe, you should consider a shower business, it's right up your alley,and I think you would be great!Love you, Auntie Du


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