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Friday, December 10, 2010

Sara's shower part 2: the gift

So I can't decide if I was more excited for Sara to see all the decorations or the gift. Of course, I had to throw in a couple books, teacher to teacher.
Then I added a Sweet Petunia pink corduroy dress with a blue bird. I would show you a picture except I didn't get one and the Baby Petunia site is wiped out because it's a brand new one. But it was stinking cute. Then, the handmade gifts began. The hat didn't quite get done, but I still have a few months until she arrives. But the blanket did get done! Just a simple stroller or carseat blanket done in (of course) machine washable and dry-able yarn.
Then Baby Habel needed some onesies. This one was made with fusible webbing that I ironed onto fabric and then put it on the onesie. Then I sewed a border with embroidery floss and added a button.
The second one used the same technique for the bird. I did a french know for the bird's eye and then stitched "sweet sweet" by hand.
This one is made out of felt. I enlarged the invitation and used it as a pattern when I cut out my felt pieces. I used fabric glue to get everything in place, and then stitched everything down.I think this might be my favorite. :) It's made out of felt with the fusible webbing on the back and ironed on. Can't wait until she has a name and Owen can wear a matching one.
Lastly, I made her a massive amounts of bows, ribbons, and flowers for her hair. See this post for the full details and links to the tutorials to make your own.

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  1. Emily, you are sooo talented!! I love all the hair bows! and the onesies are adorable too! You need to open up your own etsy shop!


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