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Sunday, March 13, 2011

CVS deal of the week!

So I promise I won't bore you each week with the deals I get with this whole couponing thing, but I just couldn't NOT brag about this one.  And Summer, you'll notice there are no bottles of Maalox or actually, anything that we won't use. :) If I had paid full price for all these items at CVS, it would have totaled $128.65.  With my ECB's, careful sale matching, and coupons, my total was . . .$26.12.  That's a savings of 80%!!

Thanks to mojosavings and moneysavingmom for the weekly list of deals and printable coupons!


  1. brag away, girl! that's pretty impressive!

  2. ok, i'm impressed. that's all very practical stuff that you use every day. you can be my personal shopper any week. :)


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