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Sunday, March 27, 2011

his newest moves

Just thought you might want to check out Owen's newest tricks: waving and snorting. Please ignore my obnoxious prompting.


  1. Owen, I think I'm enjoying your mommy and daddy's laughter way more than the snorting, makes me laugh!

  2. Giggle furiously, Snort.. and LOL!!! :)I want to snort with you little man!! "Snort, snortie, snortie, snort, snort.....", how do you type out a snortie sound any way? Soooo cute, tickle me to death, and yes, hearing the two of you crack up- makes it even funnier!!!!He's waving, I just can't believe it, he is growing up all together too fast.....Thank you so much for sharing,Luv you..... Auntie Du

  3. I know, we couldn't stop cracking up! I still laugh so hard when he does this!


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