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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Happy 9 Months!

How in the world is my sweet little boy 9 months old?!  I cannot believe that I'm already needing to think about his first birthday party for real now.  I love each stage more than the last (although you all told me I would).  But this one is SO fun!

9 Month Appointment 
We actually had an appointment today ON his 9 month "birthday."  I had to fill out a 6 page questionnaire before going in.  It's one of those awful things that ranks your baby based on what they are or are not doing yet that makes a mamma all worried.  He scored well in everything except communication.  Umm. . .no, he does not say mama or dada yet.  But I'm pretty sure that's ok because he babbles adorably and shrieks SO loudly!
He got all checked out by Dr. Tripathy and then had fun playing with the mirror waiting for the nurse to bring his polio vaccine.  That's his last one until his 1 year appointment.  He is 28 3/4" (70th percentile) and 21lbs 4.5oz (64th percentile).  His head is still on the "smaller side" at 44.7cm (21st percentile).
Things about this month
I should title this month "I need my mom" or "I love to pull hair."  Owen loves people's hair, especially mine and it is now officially all over the house because he pulls quick and hard!  He is still really dealing with separation anxiety and needs me to be close by, even if dad's in the room or playing with him.  He didn't really seem to notice the move to the new house, thankfully!  And he's starting to give everyone more smiles.

He's quickly picking new favorite toys like his balls and the bigger, more "involved" toys.  We also set up one the little table toys where he can stand up and play with it.  He loves it!  He also loves his Jumperoo, although about 10 minutes is his max, especially if mom is not sitting right next to him.  I debated posting this video, because yes the TV's on. :)

Another fun thing is that it's finally been warm enough to get outside!  YAY!  Our new neighborhod has a park literally a block away which is going to be so great for this summer!  We went to the park for the first time with Joanna and Taylor who live a few streets down.  Owen absoluetly loved his first time in the swing and cried when I got him out.

He's still a fabulous nurser and has even started to eat sometimes from both sides.  Not every time, but I'm definitely offering it to him because he all of a sudden will take it occasionally.  As for baby food, he's tried a little bit of everything.  He likes the chicken/apples and turkey/rice combos, loves any kind of fruits and yogurt, and pretends to gag on any vegetables.  Dr. Tripathy said at the appointment that with his size and great pincher grasp, he can basically eat anything we're eating.  He loves bread/toast, super small pieces of plums, apples, the insides of grapes, and even ate some spaghetti with us the other night.  Below is a picture of the one veggie he loves: carrots. 
Do you like how my face matches my bib?
We still have no teeth and no crawling. He rocks back and forth on his hands and knees, but no forward movement yet.  He can push himself backwards and get somewhere slowly.  This video cracks me up because it pretty much sums up where he's at crawling wise.  He can't do it, but I can tell he's getting VERY frustrated with not being to get the things he wants. Especially the cat.

Blasted blogging always ruins any good sleep progress.  Well, I shouldn't say ruin.  In general, Grace's good sleep vibes have remained and he's only getting up on average 3 times a night which is still tons better than 8.  Now that he consistently rolls over, getting to sleep takes a bit longer because he hates to fall asleep on his yummy.  So I have to go in there to turn him back over. And while his naps are still mostly 30 minutes, he's starting to give me one nap that's closer to an hour.  Hallelujah.  Dr. Tripathy wasn't much help in the sleep area except saying that he just may need more "big people" food to make any more major steps toward sleeping through night.  Someday.  Someday.
And of course, some pictures:
I like matching Daddy!
Looking so grown up while visiting the Habels
See, I smile?
get this thing off my head!


  1. Don't worry Em, Taylor still doesn't say mama consistently- some babies just take longer with the talking thing.

  2. I'm always amazed by the babies that sit calmly at the doctors office! Poor B was so tramstized by the millions of blood draws in her first year she freaks the minutes we walk in the office! Poor girl!!! :-(. Owen is such a doll & Im amazed how he looks exactly like he did when you brought him home!!! SO CUTE! Playdate soon...PLEASE!

  3. He is getting all grown up, ya'll!!! First swing, trying to crawl, it's just happening all tooo quickly!!!!!! Make it stop!!!!! He is growing up just perfect, but to fast!!! He is so cute, so precious, and he is goiung to be crawling everywhere before you know it! These videos mean everything to me!!!Tell me again, how are you saving all those dollars? You are just amazing....!!Love you, Auntie Du


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