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Monday, March 28, 2011


On today's episode of Cribs, we will head to the humble abode of Owen, a pretty cool little (almost) 10 month old residing in North Champaign.  Today he invited us into his home to show us around his crib.  He also wanted to be sure Grace saw what her home looks like now that he moved in. :)

Here is where I sit in the lap of luxury.  Well, really I never sit on the couch.  My parents let me sit on a blanket on the floor.  But I'm usually surrounded by lots of toys, so I'm perfectly fine with that.  But I have heard my parents comments many times how they're very glad they went with leather for the furniture now that I arrived.
This is the "dining room."  Note the flowers my dad got for my mom.  I've heard the ladies like flowers. 
Here's the kitchen.  This is where my my mom cooks and my dad does the dishes.  The baby food that comes from this place is pretty darn good if I say so myself.  Yesterday, she made this Classic Curry Chicken and I couldn't stop coughing because of the spices.  But my dad said it was delicious.  I'll have wait a year or 2 until I get to try this myself.

This is the guest bathroom.  Although if you come over and I'm sleeping, my mom will probably make you use her bathroom so as not to wake me up because it's connected to my room.  Just warning.
This is my parents bedroom.  Sometimes in the wee hours of the morning, I can make my way into this bed if I cry hard enough. 
This is my room.  I don't really love hanging in here, because as you can see, my crib is in here.  And crib=sleep and you all know I really hate that sleep word.  My dad told my mom she couldn't hang anything unless there was already a hole in the wall, so hence the pretty bare walls.  My mom promises me a pretty cool toddler room someday when we move to our "forever" house someday.
Thanks for joining me on the tour.  Come visit soon, cuz I keep hearing my parents talking about moving to P-town.  I know, moving again, really?
Ok, I'm out.  Peace, love, and sloppy baby kisses.


  1. Owen, you have the most darling little crib! I need to hire your interior decorator! What a charming style they have!

  2. I LOVE this! And, most - I love Owen on the kitchen counter! Too cute!

  3. Thanks for the tour Owen! You're an excellent guide :)

  4. Thanks for the tour, Owen.... what a rockin pad you have, little man, it'll do just dandy for now, until you get your forever house, or move to the big P, what ever comes first, right?! You could always come to Texas, you know....I will buy you a cowboy hat, if you do!! I am so happy your daddy knows the way to a girl's heart, flowers, right?! Your mommy sure does deserve them!! You sure know your way to my heart, little fella, and I'd like to know if I could have one those sloppy baby kisses? You are just too adorable!!Love you! Auntie Du


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