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Monday, March 7, 2011

trip to Carbondale

Last Monday, we were so excited to get on the road to Carbondale to meet the newest little Habel.  I stopped at World Harvest and 45 minutes later, had some stinky cheese and olives that Phil had requested and we were on our way!  Mr. O only slept about 25 minutes on the way down, but overall did pretty good!  It was wonderful to be able to meet Sara's mom (finally) although I'm sad I didn't get any pictures of her.  We basically just sat around and stared at the beautiful little Liana.  I'm not just saying this because Sara's my good friend, but Liana is really one of the most beautiful babies I've ever seen!
Owen looked so huge compared to that sweet little thing.  He did great and didn't seem too upset when I couldn't stop holding Liana.

He really liked playing in their rocking chair.  Man, does he look like a little boy here or what?
Phil got home from teaching and had some good cuddle time with his little girl.  It's so fun to see how she has him wrapped around her little fingers already.  After we got O to bed, Phil fixed us an (as always) amazing dinner with 3 types of pizza.  Who knew pizza could have things like peaches, walnuts, sage, and all other goodness on it.  Amazing.  And I think he was excited to have someone to drink some wine with!
In the morning, despite protests, Sara made us some delicious blueberry pancakes (I need the recipe for that Sara).  We brought down our swing for Liana to use, which is great because its one less thing to store right now, so William set that up.  Then we very sadly took a few pictures and said our goodbyes.
On the way out of town, we met my brother Casey for lunch across the street from where he works.  It was a fun catching up time to hear about the big move he's going to be making in a few months.  He also is pretty in love with Owen, which I think is adorable!
Then, we got in the car, not without a little playing first.  Owen did pretty good on the way home until about 30 minutes out.  Whew, that screaming in the car seat is stressful!  But overall, this picture sums up the 2 days.  Pure joy!  We love you Miss Liana and cannot wait to see how much you've grown next time we come down! 

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  1. Em - you look fantastic! And, you're absolutely right - Miss Liana is a beautiful baby girl!


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