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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

St. Paddy's Day Review

So, a week late but that's ok right? Owen had a SUPER packed first St. Patrick's Day last week. Here it is with pictures:

First, he had a little photo shoot with mommy to show off the shirt I made him. I used a cheap onesie, my Silhouette machine, and their heat transfer material.  It said "Who needs to be Irish when I'm this cute?"
Then, around lunch time Summer and 2 of her girls came over after visiting the doctor.  We ate lunch and then walked to the park for a little while.  I just LOVE how much those girls love Owen and Sophie Cat.
Then, we practiced drinking from our sippy cup. Yes, we have lots of fancy sippy cups that don't spill. But which one does my child prefer? The cheap "disposable" ones from Target that spill all over. Oh well. Anything to learn about cup drinking right?
Then, we cleaned off the little play set I got a $1 on Craigslist. That's right folks, $1! He wasn't quite sure about it yet, but it will be perfect when he's a bit bigger I think!
And then, just when we thought our day was winding down, Amy and Troy stopped by to drop off some fondue pots she had borrowed. The other evening, we were all hanging out for our M4 Marriage Small Group and Owen was loving this toy of Troy's.  So she got him one.  Isn't that so super sweet.  It's now one of Owen's favorites.  O and Troy had fun checking each other out and can't wait to have another play date together! Whew, what a packed day!
It's ok man.  My mom dresses me up for holidays too.
wanna be friends?
This dude's alright.  Can he come play again?


  1. We've got two adorable boys, Emily! Glad they got a chance to play together :)

  2. You are killing me, he is already drinking from a sippy cup!!! What? Tell him to stop it, stop growing up, right this instant!! I just can't believe's too fast, too, too fast, Emily! Love, Auntie Du


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