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Sunday, January 13, 2013

emerging back into the world

So I didn’t think that God would start making me learn about my word for the year so quickly.  But this week I got quite a few lessons in this:
Last Saturday, Owen was really under the weather with a cough, runny nose, feeling lethargic, etc.  William is taking immune suppressants so of course, he got it next and bad.  He stayed home from work Monday and part of Tuesday.  On Tuesday, Wed, and Thursday I got hit with the headache, cough, sore throat,  you get the drill.  And then on Friday, Ellie got it.   There’s nothing worse than a little baby with a runny nose and cough.  The doc said it was just a virus with nothing that could be done (which is what I was hoping).Picture 472This sickness made me so very thankful that we are, in general, very healthy.  We’ve never really had a bug like this make it’s way through our entire house.  I literally cancelled something every day this week, from going to Mom2Mom to babysitting kids.  Feeling so awful is a very good way to quickly figure out the bare minimum of what needs to be done to just keep everyone alive.   We just hunkered down with our Kleenex and Tylenol and took cool baths, watched TV, and played.Picture 484Picture 433Along with simplicity at home this week, I literally had 3 specific opportunities to add things to my plate.  They were all things that sounded fun and one was even ministry related.  But I’m getting better at hearing that word, NO.  So I said no and will just trust that God will put more cool things in my path later when I’m not simplifying.


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  1. Sorry that I was the devil during your simplification. :(


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