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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas #2

Ok, last post about Christmas, promise.  And this is a megapost.

It finally felt like Christmas! On Friday, the kids and I headed to Peoria during naptime (which proved not helpful since neither took a nap on the way :)   We arrived to this beautiful new version of a Christmas tree.  My dad loves birch trees, so this huge birch branch fits them perfectly. 

Friday afternoon and evening, we just hung out with Uncle Philip, Kara, and G&G.  William also arrived after he got off work.  Owen got to open one present before going to bed!  Thank you Uncle Philip for my cool t-ball set!
Saturday was a super fun day of just hanging out with everyone.  It felt so weird to not have my sister, Jenna there.  (We missed you!!)
love this face (and her outfit!)
checking out the xmas cards
smiling at Uncle Casey
reading his new "Owen" book with Kara
Our family are huge game people, and so is Kara's.  So she fits right in.  Her and Philip dominated in Rummikub.
don't mess with this sassy lady
My brother got my parent's record player working and we got to listen to my mom's record!  That's right, back in the day my mom recorded an album with 3 other ladies.  My grandpa even played his violin on the album, the violin that I now own.  And my dad did the graphics on the cover.  This was one of the first times my mom and dad hung out before they were married. :)
Owen had fun hanging out with Casey while he played the guitar.
And I might embarrass my dad with this short one, but this is so classic "dad." He breaks into song quite regularly and it was fun to see the 3 guys jamming out together.

helping with the food prep
hanging out with (honorary) Aunt Kara
Then it was time for our annual fondue feast.  We've done fondue for as long as I can remember.  We have pots of oil and cook beef, chicken, pork, and shrimp by candlelight.  It's getting a little tougher to enjoy the meal with the crazy kiddos, but it was still really fun and yummy!
Then after dinner, the kiddos got to open their presents quickly before Ellie was off to bed.
umm, pretty sure that's Ellie's buddy
that's a nice look mister
coloring with his new Color Wonder markers
more cars!
cool truck from Uncle Casey
After Owen and Ellie opened gifts, it was time for our other family traditions. My dad always reads us the Christmas story from the Bible.  Then, he hands out the latest chapter in his book "The Things I Wish My Father Had Told Me."  And queue the Kleenex.  I hope you all get a chance to read this book when he publishes it someday.  I might share one short little excerpt with you later with you later this week!  Then we go around the circle and share something that was big for us this past year and something we're anticipating for the upcoming year.  Ellison was definitely my highlight of 2012 and we're looking forward to just figuring out more of what God has for us here, at William's job, and maybe trying for number 3 at some point this year?  :)
Then it was time for adult presents.  Of course, my mom went overboard and spoils us rotten as usual and we needed another van to take all our loot home.
Sunday, we went to church which is always a blast and then that evening (after William left for home), my grandma and grandpa came over for dinner.  Owen has been pretty attached to my grandpa and he took him from room to room showing him around and wanted to sit with him at dinner.
he wanted him to do this over and over
Thanks mom and dad for an amazing Christmas and for loving our kiddos so well.  We are so lucky to have you as parents.  And welcome to the first family Christmas Kara! :)


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