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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy 8 Months Ellison!

IMG_9398-2Happy 8 months (only 2 weeks late again) to my sweet little girl, Ellison Jakeh!  This month has been HUGE stuff for this girl, all kinds of new stuff to write about.IMG_9494-2She is full-on crawling now and gets where she wants to go and fast!  Her belly isn’t off the ground, but using her right arm to pull and her left foot to push, she moves quick.  And boy is she teaching me what it’s like to have to truly baby-proof.  With Owen, I could leave out anything and not have to worry about it.  Not with El.  One minutes she’s wrapped up in my yarn, the next she’s trying to eat the cat food out of Sophie’s dish or make a nose dive down the stairs.  Can’t turn my back on her for a second.IMG_9375Along with crawling, she has an awesome little hello/goodbye wave, usually with her right hand.  She also gives kisses in two ways.  She’ll make the blowing kisses noise for you and also leans in and gives sloppy wet baby kisses.  Too adorable!  She loves to clap her hands and can find her paci in the middle of tons of toys and easily get it to her mouth.IMG_9452-2 Food: Last month, I finally read this book:Many of my friends have read it.  But I held out because I don’t do many things as a mom that start with the words “baby-led” :)  But it just needs a different title.  I should have read it when Ellie was about 4 months and before we started purees.  But the nutshell is giving your baby whatever you’re eating from the get-go and skipping purees.  She loves to eat all sorts of things, but still likes the purees we started on because she gets more unto her tummy faster.  It’s actually fine because I’m getting TONS of baby food with WIC right now.  But for baby #3 someday, I’m definitely re-reading this book from the get-go.  Her favorite foods from the month have been frozen blueberries and peas, toast, avocado, cooked broccoli, pears, yogurt, bits of turkey, mashed potatoes, and of course her beloved Puffs.  She’s definitely eating a tons more variety of foods than I was giving Owen at this age.  And she’s almost mastered the sippy cup. Yay!  She can hold it up as long as I don’t make it too heavy for her.IMG_9447Sleep:  see months 1-7.  Still a good napper and still up all hours of the night wanting to nurse.  Can you tell I haven’t put my foot down yet?  Sucker mom.IMG_9392-2Ellison still adores her brother, even when he clocks her on the head, rolls on top of her, and takes away her toys.  Yep, still loves him.  Wants to be near him all the time and he can get her to laugh like no one else.IMG_9408-2 She loves bath time!  Even if she’s screaming bloody murder at dinner time, a bath always makes her laugh and smile.  Again, even if her brother is dumping huge cups of water on her head before I can stop him.IMG_9430-2She’s been doing great in the nursery on Sundays which is a relief because she doesn’t sit nicely through service like Owen did.  This semester, I hope she’ll do just as well in childcare for Mom2Mom.IMG_9486-2Her favorite things to play with are Owen’s car ramp, and anything she can bang like drums or the xylophone.  She could really care less about her baby toys. :)IMG_9462-2 Happy 8 months little one.  We love you so much and can’t imagine life without you!IMG_9363-2And for fun, check out the “interview” I did with Owen at 8 months!blog-signature-1

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