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Friday, January 25, 2013

Happy 9 Months Ellison!

IMG_0051This sweet thing is 3/4 of a year!  What?!  Her 1st birthday outfit may already be in production. :)  Here are her stats from her appointment this week:

Height – 2ft, 3in (56th percentile)

Weight – 17lb, 3 oz (21st percentile)

Head – 43.8cm (43rd percentile)

Owen was 4 more pounds than her at this point.  She seems pretty tiny to me!   But wow, what a big personality that is starting to shine through.  This age is so much fun as she’s learning all kinds of new things everyday!  IMG_0020She can pull herself up on pretty much anything.  She’s not quite scooting once pulled up, but I’m sure it will be soon.IMG_9987She still crawls for the most part by scooting and pulling herself with her arm.  But she’s starting to get up more on her hands and knees.IMG_0026Poor thing hasn’t been read nearly as much as Owen was, but I’m hoping she loves reading too.  Not just eating her books.IMG_0036She has 4 teeth now, the 2 bottom middle and 2 on the top (lateral incisors).IMG_0080She loves to get into everything.  Her favorites are Sophie’s cat food, the tampons under my sink, and her brother’s cars.Picture 461 Picture 458Won’t bore you with sleep details as they’re the same.  And getting new teeth never makes sleep any better.   IMG_0009Her first love is me for sure, but then definitely her brother (and daddy is quickly becoming the one who can make her laugh the loudest). IMG_0057 It’s so strange to have a little baby who SMILES!  Love that sweet sweet grin and her little left dimple.IMG_0061She still leaves her bows and hats on which I love since the girl is still bald as bald can be.IMG_9978 We love you Ellison!  You are such a sweet spot in our lives.  :)blog-signature-1

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