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Monday, January 21, 2013

Pinned It, Did It Monday {recipe edition}

pinned itWelcome to a recipe edition of Pinned It, Did It Monday!  This post was requested by Gabe who is always on the lookout for good recipes.  These were all found this week as I was searching for “skinny” recipes.  That’s right folks, the diet has begun.  Have I told you that Kara (my sis-in-law-to-be) asked me to be a bridesmaid?!  That means I have 200 days to shed a few before donning the super cute dress she picked out.  So here’s to some healthier #1
Black Bean, Rice, and Veggie Salad Recipe

SourceBlack Bean, Rice, and Veggie Salad from My Recipes
My picture:IMG_0082My review: This was fabulous!  Super light and delicious.  I ate mine just like a salad, but William wrapped his in a while wheat tortilla.   Cannot wait to make it again!pin #2For the rest of these, I completely forgot to take pictures of the foods.  So I’m just going to give you the links and promise that all of them will be added into our normal menu. 
131 calorie Skinny Banana Blueberry Muffins |
Source: Banana Blueberry Muffins from Sally's Baking Addiction
My review:  I used white whole wheat flour and made the blueberry muffins.  They were great. I want to make a bunch for quick breakfast grabs.

Source: Crockpot Weight Watchers Zero Point Soup from Crockpot Weight Watchers Recipes
My review:  William didn’t love it, but it’s a weight watchers recipe and has 0 points.  So that means I love it.  And it was a crockpot recipe, which is nice on busy days.

Source: Top 20 Skinny Recipes for 2010 from Skinny Taste
My review: A nice list of 20 recipes.  I’ve made the Asian Glazed Drumsticks in the past and enjoyed them.  This week, I made the skinny chicken enchiladas.  While they definitely were the “skinny” version, I still really enjoyed them.

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